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While most kitchen and bath showrooms only sell cabinetry and materials, Estrella can handle every step of the process, from concept to completion—including remodels and new builds, as well as design-only or cabinetry-only projects. Here’s a brief look at our process.

Option 1: Remodeling Design and Installation

Step 1: Discovery Meeting in the Showroom

Whether you have a defined concept in mind, have a Pinterest board full of ideas, or aren’t sure where to start, this step is about the endless possibilities for your kitchen, bath, or other space. During this first meeting, you’ll join us in our showroom to discuss the goals, expectations, budget, and timeline for your project. In addition to talking about design ideas, you’ll also be able to see and touch your various material and style options for cabinetry, countertops, hardware, and other accessories—and you can bring home samples if desired.

Step 2: In-home Field Measure and Consultation

To accurately assess the space you’re remodeling, Estrella comes to your home. This isn’t just about measuring, but gaining an understanding of functionality, flow, and how it’s used, and making recommendations that fit the dynamics of your personal project. As with the discovery meeting, there is no fee for this consultation.

This is the meeting to discuss your goals, expectations, budget, timelines and how your family uses the space.

Step 3: Design Review

For the design review, we head back to our showroom. We’ll go over the CAD drawings of your design and firm up details such as the timeline and overall costs associated with your project, including presenting low, medium, and high-end options to consider. At the end of this appointment, it’s time to get your products ordered and the project scheduled. We require a $2,500 retainer if you are not ready to place the full 65% deposit on the project. Another 30% deposit is due upon delivery of cabinetry, minus any retainer already paid. The final 5% is due upon substantial completion.

Option 2: New Construction Design and Installation

Step 1: Review Architectural Floor Plans

Estrella frequently works with custom homebuilders throughout the Greater Phoenix area. If you are interested in retaining our services for new construction, the process starts with reviewing a digital copy of your floor plans. Based on the specifications, we’ll formulate an accurate budget and begin putting the project together based on your material selections and timeline.

Step 2: In-home Field Measure

As with a remodel, the second step is an in-home field measure, which will occur after framing of your home is complete.

Step 3: Place Your Order

With all the details firmed up, it’s time to order materials and schedule your installation. Like a remodel, we require a $2,500 retainer and a 65% deposit on all cabinetry. Another 30% deposit is due upon delivery of cabinetry, minus the retainer already paid. The final 5% is due upon substantial completion.

Option 3: Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Services

While we specialize in cabinetry for remodels and new builds, Estrella also provides kitchen and bath interior design services which would require one of our designers to accompany you to assist in sourcing materials to put your project together. This is a unique feature in working with Estrella Cabinetry. We create a detailed specification guide outlining your project from start to fabulous finish!

Our Design Services Packages start at $1,500.

Option 4: Nationwide Design Services and Cabinetry Packages

In addition to our remodeling and new custom-home projects in Arizona, we offer design services and cabinetry packages for clients throughout the United States. We’ll design your project, order materials, build and ship your cabinets, and communicate with your contractor to handle the on-site installation.